Student Decorum

Cellphones and computers: If you are caught checking social networking sites during class, checking email or surfing the web for material unrelated to class discussions, you will automatically be asked to leave. Please turn off phones during class. This means not answering them, not checking them for voice messages, text messages, surfing, tweeting, or other.

Participation: Learning is not a passive activity. The format of this course is participatory seminar, and therefore carries with it certain opportunities and obligations. Although we might periodically have lectures or guests, the in-class portions of this course are organized primarily around discussion of the readings and the broader themes raised by course materials. Therefore, it is essential that each of you comes to class prepared – this means having done the assigned readings before every class session and considered the issues you would like to contribute to discussion. Active and engaged learning means students and teachers both contribute to knowledge making in the classroom. Come to class with questions and comments about the material and readings.
Office hours and email: If you have queries, comments, or pleas for the instructor, you are advised to see her in person in her office during office hours. If you cannot come during off hours, please make arrangements to see her at another time. If those options fail, please try calling her in her office. Email correspondence is discouraged – except when advised otherwise.

General: Please show up on time, and refrain from leaving class in the middle. It is disruptive to the learning environment.

A note on writing assignments:
In these days of computer-mediated writing, there are no excuses for the two following problems: 1) late papers due to “computer crashes,” and 2) poor spelling. Regarding the former, claiming a ‘computer crash’ is the basically the same as telling me that your dog ate your homework. This is not a valid excuse. Regarding the latter problem, use your spellcheck option and proofread (and proofread again) – I will mark you down for poor spelling and grammar.
My policy on late papers is that I do **not** accept them.

Campus resources designed to help students:
The LEARNING RESOURCES CENTER (LRC) is located in the Sally Moserud Building. It is quiet places to study, read or get extra help. It also offers many services such as copy machines, group study areas, computer lab, math lab and a hot drink service area. For more information call 786- 6833.

The READING/WRITING CENTER offers a quite place to study, computers for writing papers, free Friday workshops and an extensive library of writing and study-skills resources. For more information call 786-6918 or stop by SMB 118 (inside the LRC). Students needing assistance with their studies can obtain tutoring at various locations on campus. Call 786-1155 or for Math tutoring call 786-1742.

Academic honesty:
Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating, or plagiarizing, will receive an immediate failing grade for the course. In addition, the student’s name will be submitted to the Dean for possible disciplinary action. See the UAA Catalog or the Student Handbook for further information. If you do not know how to correctly cite or references the intellectual work of others, please ask for guidance.
The work you produce in this class must be original and it must be *yours*.
In accordance with the UAA Code of Student Conduct, the University community requires that students to conduct themselves honestly, responsibly, and respect the rights of others. Conduct that unreasonably interferes with the learning environment or that violates the rights of others is prohibited by the standards and guidelines collectively described as the Student Code of Conduct. Examples constituting forms of conduct prohibited by the Code include, but are not limited to cheating, plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty and various forms of harassment including that which unreasonably interferes with or creates a hostile or offensive learning environment and/or living or working conditions. Students violating the Code of Student Conduct will be summarily referred to the UAA Dean of Students. Students are here referred the complete Student Code of Conduct.


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