Assignments and Grading


Précis: 30% 2 small assignments on to be assigned in class on blogs, videocasts, ethnographic installations, or other. A précis is a relatively brief summary (3 – 4 pages) of your critical thoughts.

Seminar moderator: 15% Each seminar participant will be asked to take responsibility for leading the discussion of some of the readings. Discussion leaders will write brief critical reviews (1-2 pages) based on the readings they select and will facilitate class discussion of those readings. It should include:

1) a discussion of how the readings for that meeting link theory and method,

2) what problems and potential you draw from that discussion, and

3) identify a series of questions for class discussion.

Finally, you will need to write a brief follow-up to the discussion and circulate it by 5pm on the Friday following class. This will be assigned in class during the second week of classes.

Film review: 15% Students will choose from an ethnographic or documentary film, related to capitalism, to critically review.

Research Paper proposal/outline: 5%

Research Paper: 35% Each student will be expected to complete a major term project or write a research paper (15 pages long). A research proposal/outline is due October 11th. We will discuss the possible forms and topics suitable for a research paper in class. Due in class November 22.

Students will receive detailed handouts in class for all assignments.


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