The End of Vegas?

“What will Las Vegas look like after the dust settles? For decades Las Vegas has been one of the fastest growing cities in the US. In the 1990s the population was growing at 4.5% a year. Now it’s flat. The construction boom that drove that growth is over. Murren believes it will be a decade before any significant building project takes place in the city. Locals say illegal immigrants who did much of the heavy lifting have disappeared…”

From the article  “Behind Las Vegas glitz and glamour lies a dark city marred by poverty” by Dominic Rushe


One response to “The End of Vegas?

  1. “The super high end is doing fantastically,” he says. “Chanel and Dior are kicking butt. They are having record months at Louis Vuitton.” The city at the moment is a “juxtaposition of diametric opposites,” he says. While the death of the construction industry has claimed the thousands of jobs, there are seven Louis Vuitton stores in a seven mile radius and all doing well.

    Of course they are.

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