Occupy Economics!

On November 13th 2011, economists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst drafted an open statement to the Occupy Wall Street movement pledging their support. Since then, more than 250 economists from around the world have added their names. Read more at econ4.org


5 responses to “Occupy Economics!

  1. Wow, encougaring news from the world of academia, for once.

  2. I dont know how, or if, I am able to make new threads or whatever, but here is a link to a full version of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”


  3. “Clean air, clean water, a safe environment; those are basic human rights. They’re not commodities, and they’re not privileges.”

    Denielle, this might be something to address in later incarnations of Anth 490. It seems a relatively recent phenomenon that our environment, seemingly ubiquitous natural resources, and pollution have entered a market sphere of commodification vis a vis measures like carbon emissions trading fostered by the Kyoto Protocol, water privatization, and ecotourism. I’m sure there’s other examples of this that could make for great discussion.

  4. Commodification of the environment. Brilliant.

    I actually saw an essay a long time ago that tries to put prices on the “services” that the planet provides from us (trash decomposition, water cycles, etc). I’ll try to find it

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