The quirks of supply and demand in China

China’s manufacturing activity falls to a 32-month low

1 December 2011

“The success of its manufacturing sector has been key to China’s economic growth in the past few years.

However, recent economic problems in two of its biggest export markets – the US and Europe – have raised concerns about whether the sector can maintain its growth pace…

The BBC’s Damian Grammaticas in Beijing said that even though China’s economy was still expanding, the slowdown in the pace of growth was faster than expected.

He said the authorities were now “concerned about how to keep China’s economy from slowing too fast”.

From BBC Business – See the full Article


2 responses to “The quirks of supply and demand in China

  1. I dont know how everyone feels about Time/Warner, but this was in Time not too long ago.

    Of course you cant read the main article because Time is stupid and makes you pay to read online…….but the one that brought it to public attention, from the business section two weeks before, is available,9171,2097399,00.html,9171,2096345,00.html

  2. I feel like economy is now made to be synonymous with national, public, and individual well-being, and that that well-being is more vested in abstract notions of growth and prosperity than real issues of society’s well-being. I have to wonder if the Chinese government, financiers, and other investors, both domestic and global, will approach the absurd in efforts to sustain the illusion of growth and in doing so further neglect the plight of so many of China’s people.

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