Capitalism, pursuit of the pointless?


My last post seems a little to heavy to garner any response, maybe some humor is better suited! 🙂

For those of you unfamiliar with nihilism.


4 responses to “Capitalism, pursuit of the pointless?

  1. I know a little bit about nihilism, aaaaaaaaaand, i still don’t get it ><

    Could you add some interpretation?

  2. Nihilism is a philosophical school that basically sees everything as pointless, unreal, futile, without value, etc. So you’ve got your college nihilist being antagonistically/simplistically existentialist. And your real nihilist living a truly pointless, unreal, futile, etc. existence by pursuing/fetishizing money.

    • That makes more sense. Kinnda ironic that those kinds of people don’t even know what nihilism is and would never associate themselves with it. They fool themselves into thinking that they are “working towards the greater good by following their self interest”.

  3. The best Nihilist is the precursor to Entombed……..

    In “metal” I never understood why the terms nihilism, nihilistic, and nihilist were so prevalent amongst bands that would at the same time be spouting off about satanism and anti-christianity. I feel it has to do with the heavy influence that the christian church had on the area which we now refer to as Scandanavia after centuries of paganistic beliefs, and the current desire of a few to remain true to their viking roots. Is that not complete redundency? You cant have one without the other….(God/Satan). Maybe there in lies the uselessness of the aforementioned existence?

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