Smile or Die – Barbara Ehrenreich

We’ve mentioned Barbara Ehrenreich in class, and after our discussion of Foucaultian power, or more specifically a type of social control made possible through self-regulation that is influenced by and aligned with the agenda of the state, I felt this was worth posting.  Here Ehrenreich reveals a sort of unrealistic optimism that has been designed and encouraged to keep our focus away from any sort of critical engagement with issues and inequities in our current social, economic, and political structuring.

It’s well worth watching: only 10 minutes long, insightful, and entertaining.


3 responses to “Smile or Die – Barbara Ehrenreich

  1. Huh, cool. I had never thought about it that way. The blind faith on the market was a great example.

  2. I was not going to post this as a comment under Jay’s video given the content, but here are some pretty funny economy clips from an episode of South Park

    How the government makes decisions

    In the episode Stan is trying to return a margaritaville margarita blender and they tell him that he is getting $90 trillion dollars for it.

  3. I definitely agree with Randy’s thoughts. Like I’ve said before about the Occupy Together Movement: we are the 100%, and we’re all doing it wrong. We can’t place the weight of the world’s problems on a few individuals and organizations who have been unfairly benefited by a system that is designed to do exactly that. Even though those on the top tier got to that point through exploitation, and whatever other substitutes you want to add for “awful methods”, they did so with the full consent of the capitalist system. To think that punishing and/or removing these people will solve any problems is very naive. It’s going to take a complete systemic change, carefully thought out, and peacefully implemented, to realize full human potential, to see society characterized and governed by equity and respect.
    The second clip is just hilarious!!!

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