Products R Us: Are we Brandwashed?

Here’s an interesting article on corporate marketing that I though might be worth posting on the blog. It’s not all that pertinent to our course, but a bit thought provoking nonetheless. My favorite line of the article: “..the average American 3-year-old can recognize 100 brands.”




2 responses to “Products R Us: Are we Brandwashed?

  1. Good article, it sounds like Lindstrom is an insightful guy. It’s interesting that marketing techniques have been so perfected that consumerism is more than encouraged, in many ways has become a central metaphor in life. “I’m buying into this idea”, “You need to sell your thoughts”, etc. etc. I have a hard time believing that we are talking brands in 25% of our conversations, but it’s something I’ve never really consciously monitored, so it could very well be the case. The shopping cart gig is pretty crazy too, more evidence that if a framework is created, we will work very hard to fill the canvas, often not with quality, but with quantity.

    • You should all really check out the documentary The Century of the Self by the BBC. It is kind of long (four one-hour-long episodes =S ) But it has a mind-blowing research about the history of publicity and manipulation in the US.

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